How to Retrieve your Lost Joomla Password

How to Retrieve Lost Joomla Password
How to Retrieve Lost Joomla Password

Let us be fair. Forgetting password can be really a rather common phenomenon. Many users maintain connections inside their browser memory, after a few months you may forget whatever else. A number folks do bear in mind the password they issued during some time of all Joomla installment. The following report explains how you can reset the Joomla administrator accounts.

Ordinarily you can edit, edit, edit and delete users and change passwords in your backend User Supervisor. To do so, you have to be logged as a portion of this Super Administrator team. However, in case for any explanation, you are unable to log in the back end, then this really is a issue.

Luckily, you’ll find plenty of procedures to regain the Joomla administrator accounts.
Fundamental manner

Basic Way

The simplest method is to possess your password emailed for you personally from the Joomla front-facing login display. Yesthere is obviously a more” re set password” url. On form entry, the email address stinks compared to this consumer’s accounts is going to obtain a contact with one time car log in connection and guidelines to decide on a password. Even in the event that you haven’t printed the log-in or log in menu thing, you may make use of the center connect to find usage of this spot:

But as soon as your electronic mail re-set is not doing work, as such as:
A current email address isn’t connected to the super user accounts
Struggling with e mail delivering characteristic
that you don’t need the accessibility into this mail box of e-mail directly into an individual accounts
You might need to simply take extra things to do to recoup your password.

Program manner

In the event the very first system fails, and you’ve got accessibility by means of FTP, your log in problem might be solved in under a few minutes. For this intention, we’ll make use of a completely free tool called”A-4 Admin S.O.S Password recuperate”. This is its own most important capabilities:

  • It performs together Joomla variants, even old types (1.0, 1.5, 2.5, 3. X ray )
    The script discovers account of tremendous Admin, does not thing exactly the consumer ID and retains the password that is altered into your D B according-to Joomla configurations
  • It assesses if any plug allowing log-in are switched in Joomla
  • This enables one to empower and invite those plugins should they’re not fired up or readily available
  • The script also lets to shift the password and login to get super-user add a brand new a single

Remember to adhere to the directions under:

  1. down load the application package deal from your job internet site
  2. Pick the document based to this Joomla variant that you’ve there. When it truly is Joomla 3.8, utilize””
  3. Unzip this bundle too, to receive an individual PHP document
  4. Utilize FTP instrument today: RatujAdmina_x.php document ought to be set inside the main directory of Joomla
  5. Subsequently in web browser bar, place http://your_domain/RatujAdmina_3.php and media input
  6. The script finds whether there’s just a brilliant Administrator accounts and based
  7. upon the outcome, you are able to:-transform user ID and password (in case the accounts exists)- make a fresh account (if perhaps not exist)
  8. Once transforming the password adding a fresh Super user accounts or some other usage the script document has to be automatically DELETED in the host.

MySQL manner

Each and Every Sheet of articles in Joomla belongs out of SQL database. The people’ desk in Joomla database keeps the password of all users within a encrypted format. In the event the superb admin client remains set up, then you can adjust the password at the database into your famous or case in point price. This also involves you to have accessibility into this MySQL server by way of PHPMyAdmin or some other client (“adminer”). Yes, even possibly this system appears frightening, however, additionally, it is simple. It is rather helpful once there is no need accessibility to FTP (along with Joomla data files ).

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Presenting JD LawX – Best Joomla Template for Law and Attorney Websites

Top Stunning Magazine Joomla Themes & Templates

Free & Premium Responsive E-commerce Joomla 3.8.x Templates

You first want to be familiar with username and password password utilized to get Joomla database (or by configuration.php document ). Generally in the majority of instances, you’re able to assess the worth from hosting . Remember, you’re able to alter the database to some brand-new one when it truly is the just means to find entrance to Joomla MySQL tables. Just do not neglect to improve it out after in the configuration.php file. Check always the method beneath.

  1. Just in Document supervisor, come across dining table PREFIX_users
  2. Click on the” search” button at the toolbar, that may demonstrate each one the end users who are installed with this particular web site
  3. get the consumer whose password that you would like to improve and press on the Edit icon to this particular row
  4. A variant will automatically display which lets you edit the password subject
  5. decide on and then delete default option string
  6. replicate and then paste the worth out of here: d2064d358136996bd22421584a7cb33e:trd7TvKHx6dMeoMmBVxYmg0vuXEA4199
  7. help save alterations
  8. Today you may sign in using the specific user along with fresh short-term password (“magic formula”).
  9. Subsequently in Joomla consumer Supervisor, modify the password once you can secure

Reinstall the brand password

following completing among those aforementioned strategies you will be capable of using your password to automatically log to your Joomla website. Proceed to a /programmer log in spot, put in your admin username and password and then provide it an opportunity. In the event that you may log in , this indicates that your brand new password is currently officially busy.


Presenting JD LawX – Best Joomla Template for Law and Attorney Websites


Are you currently running a law agencies? Do you have to develop a website for your attorney? Don’t squander your time and resources on construction from scratch. Simply download the template and then set up your website in a couple of hours.

It’s a responsive yet appealing responsive lawyer Joomla template comes with a lot of features and functionalities. This template is capable of enhancing your reputation and expanding your business in this competitive sector.

JD LawX is constructed with a drag and drop page builder which enables you to personalize it easily even in the event that you don’t have some coding skills.

Key Characteristics of JD LawX

  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • Multiple Header and Footer variations
  • Multiple Color Presets
  • Built with drag and drop page builder
  • Search engine friendly
  • Developed with cutting-edge technologies like Bootstrap 4, latest Joomla version, CSS3. HTML5, Helix Ultimate, Quix Guru, SmartSlider3 Pro.
  • QuickStart Installation available
  • 600+ Google fonts
  • Featured Video Section
  • Neat and lightweight
  • Mega menu
  • 2 Home Page Layouts
  • Collect mails with ACYMailing
  • Creative blog layout
  • Multiple attractive content sections

2 Home Page Layouts

JD LawX includes two homepage layouts. So you have the options to use any layout according to your requirements.

Slider Layout –

During this design, you can decide on a slider for a hero section and add unlimited slides with cool animation effects. We are utilizing SmartSlider 3 Pro to create sliders. You may save $25 for SmartSlider Pro should you purchase this attorney Joomla Template.

Landing Page Layout –

It is possible to consider it like a banner layout too. Sometimes if you would like to show a contact form on above the fold section, this layout is best for you. With this design, you can display an attractive guide form on the banner ads as hero section and convert your traffic into leads.

Feature Your Major Case

We all know how important it’s to show your previous hard work to entice new clients. Furthermore, this is exactly what we cared for. While creating the JD LawX templates, it’s essential to reveal what was the case and what action you have taken to win the case and what was the result.

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We’ve developed a page builder addon which enables to show you all of these essential information in an appealing manner.

Appealing Blog Page


Websites are an essential part of any websites. Moreover, whenever you’ve got a law agency, it’s necessary to you to educate your viewers about the new laws, rules, and law. It will help you to build confidence among your prospective clients.

At the time of designing JD LawX, we crafted a fully responsive blog layout within the template. We have incorporated a list type blog layout, where you can show the customers a brief description along with title and thumbnail picture. You are able to control how many articles you would like to show in one viewport.

There is a sidebar too from the site layout where you can publish any module and exhibit any information such as Popular or current articles, about the author, or other things.

Mega Menu & Away Canvas Menus

Smooth navigation is the trick to converting a visitor into a paying lead. What’s more, it is also crucial to rank on Google as well. Also, we have paid our attention to navigation while we were designing the template also came up with a drop-down menu, mega menu, and off-canvas menu.

Additionally, we came up with attractive 4 column mega menu together with Off-canvas menu. You can display either both or single, in accordance with your need.

Speak to us is the must-have site onto a website. It needs to be clean and well optimized. It ought to have all the contact information that a visitor needs to contact you.

Also, it is going to be a plus point if you give alternative contact info in your contact page.

In JD LawX you have the option to show key contacts, firm address, contact form, and map. You can customize the elements as per your requirements.

Showcase Your Team


Displaying your heroes (Team) and their achievements can strengthen your reputation online. It inevitably increases the assurance of your staff members and strong trust with your clients. In JD LawX, we have a team page and staff detail page where it is possible to display all the info regarding your staff member.

JD Team –


This page builder addon lets you demonstrate team member on a webpage. You can add any number of team members. It also allows you to display social icons and short description with a read more link on mouse position.

JD Team Details –

This webpage builder add-on used in staff detail page. It permits you to exhibit Member picture, social connections, title, position, bio, contact information and call to action button where it is possible to link any internal or external page.

Duplicated Service Pages

In JD LawX attorney Joomla template, we’ve designed two solutions pages. It is possible to pick any one from these according to your requirements.

List design Services – This design lets you add icons for every service. We have developed a page builder add-on to make it easy.

Thumbnail Layout Services – This layout lets you add an image to each service. It also can be created with exactly the same addon.

Customized 404 & Coming soon page

404 and coming shortly page is also a appropriate page to get a website. Within this Joomla attorney template, we’ve integrated the customized 404 page and coming shortly pages that could improve the user experience when anybody lands on a not existing page.

Added Pagebuilder Add-ons for Content Sections

We know that limited resources can’t do things. In order to expand the usability and functionality of this template, we’ve developed few custom site builder add-ons. Here is the list.

JD Feature Cases –

As mentioned previously in this article, it allows you to incorporate your key jobs.

JD Joomla Articles We now have a blog section on home page. This addon makes it possible to to fetch Joomla posts and exhibit attractively.

JD Law Practice –

This add-on allows you to display solutions. You’ve got two styles in this add-on. First one is list design where you could use icons, and the next one is thumbnail where you can use pictures. Both designs have different layouts. Check out the screenshots in Multiple Service Pages.

JD Team –

This page builder addon permits you to show team member on a webpage. You may add any number of team members. Additionally, it allows you to exhibit social icons and short description using a read more link on mouse hover.

JD Team Details –

This webpage builder add-on utilized in team detail page. It permits you to display Member picture, social connections, title, location, bio, contact information along with calls to action button where it is possible to link any internal or external page.

JD Testimonial – This addon lets you display testimonial slider.

Construct Your email listing with Newsletter Module


List building is most important for any enterprise. You cannot be dependent on a different moderate to create leads. You need to build your audience. You can check a comprehensive article on the best way best to make an email list.

Inside this lawyer Joomla template, we’re employing an ACYmailing extension to capture mails with customized newsletter module.

Final Words

If you’re interested in something contemporary, creative, and ready to go solution on your own law bureau website, then research this lawyer Joomla Template.

The Way to Make an Online Magazine

There are hundreds of templates and topics to be had on a lot of sites to offer you the specific look and feel that you want for your online magazine. It is also possible to make your own CSS theme or template to actually create your online magazine’s look as first as the content it contains.

An online magazine onto a website site means your prior issues are constantly archived and available so that individuals who start following your magazine later can read your back issues too.

Choosing the proper domain name is essential to the achievement of your e-zine. Dot com is the most popular and simple to remember, with scatter info being the least expensive and next most popular suffix for domains. However you can choose from additional suffix’s,.org,.us, (you will find other domain suffix’s too)

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Free & Premium Responsive E-commerce Joomla 3.8.x Templates

whatever suffix you believe are the best using the title which you’ve chosen and the many memorable for people who are trying to find your online magazine. Make sure the name that you choose if descriptive of your online magazine’s focus.

There are a lot of hosting companies out there. The costs for web hosting vary depending upon what programming language you will use for your own WordPress or Joomla magazine blog. It would be a good idea to do a search for “site hosting for website” or you can simply have a look at the hosts that urges.

Setting up your News portal and magazine site is simple, You simply have to decide on any template that suits your requirements.

Magazine and Newspaper templates and themes come in several different programming languages so there is one out there that is ideal for you.

Top Stunning Magazine Joomla Themes & Templates

It may be noticed that there are hundreds and hundreds of Joomla templates that could be found online that are created for many kinds of the company from the online shop to information, magazine website, from small business to the large one. With such a significant sum of template numbers, it is difficult to decide on a good one for your company.

In this group, I would like to assist you to choose the absolute best Joomla Blog Newspaper Templates for advice, magazine site.

JD Magazine

News/Magazine Joomla Template
JD Magazine

JD Magazine is newly released top Joomla 3.x template in JoomDev, the best game for news portal site, Magazine and Website of any niche. JD Magazine includes simple to use and customization layout so if you are not even a Joomla specialist, you can customize it easily. It comes with a powerful admin panel and predefined 4 colour presets so you may select any of colour mix.

SJ iMag

SJ iMag

SJ iMag is a modern, clean Joomla template that allows you write articles and blog posts without even worrying about huge content holding ability. It is an ideal solution for any business news/magazine website with up-to-date international information, finance, sport and fashion…

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Best News Magazine Joomla Templates “365News” is a modern-day, information-oriented Joomla template developed on the robust Gantry 5 frame and can be derived with a powerful documentation. This template is suitable for each and every news, journal and internet publication web page. 365News uses RokSprocket, SP information show and Slideshow (Joomla) Particle which fetches Joomla content acrobatically.



LifeMag, designed by TemPlaza, is a clean, contemporary, and responsive but user-friendly Joomla 3.x template with 5 elegant home versions and various categories. Having a range of cutting edge and outstanding attributes, this template certainly makes your site amazing, attractive and impressive.

SJ News


SJ News II is a responsive Joomla 3.x template offering the free template bundle (the quickstart and expansion are not included). This template accommodates all your needs to make a news/magazine website or any kind of news portal websites.

These are the few of my favourite themes. Have a look and do let me know if I forget to add your favourite Magazine Joomla Template.

Free & Premium Responsive E-commerce Joomla 3.8.x Templates

Joomla is one of the most popular content management systems today. You can easily develop a small to the large professional website using the platform. In order to evolve a perfect Joomla site, you need a template that fulfills your requirements. There are an extensive number of free and paid E-commerce Joomla templates available on the web today. In many cases, you can manage to fulfill your requirements with a free template instead of spending money. Today I’ve congregated free and premium both Responsive E-commerce Joomla Templates, Just have a look.

JD Shop

E-commerce Joomla Termplate
JD Shop


  • JD Shop is latest E-commerce Joomla 3.8.6 template based on HikaShop. It is the ideal choice if you are looking to set up an online store. It’s fully responsive and mobile friendly template
  • K2, EasyBlog, Extensive page layout manager, typography options, color customizer and more.
  • Cross-browser compatibility, mega-menu generator, retina display support etc.

JD Consult

E-commerce Joomla Template
JD Consult
  • Modern, clean and multipurpose Ecommerce template for Joomla 3.8.x sites.
  • Products with sidebar, Shopping Cart, product full width, mega-menu, Page builder. Wide and boxed layout.
  • RTL support for right-to-left languages, Multilingual. K2, EasyBlog support.

JD Focus

E-commerce Joomla Template
JD Focus
  • Joomla 3.8.x template for E-commerce stores to display and sell products online.
  • Lightweight, responsive and mobile friendly. RTL supported, Integrated J2Store & HikaShop.
  • Attractive Sliders, Box full-width layout, 2 home page layout Full and boxed.

JD Boston

Multipurpose/E-commerce Joomla Template
JD Boston
  • Multipurpose/Ecommerce template compatible with latest Joomla 3.8.x version.
  • Clean, minimal user interface with off-canvas and mega-menu styles. Mobile friendly.
  • Flexible header,  4 color variations and box layout. CSS3 Animation Effects, 2 Home page layouts.

JD Atlanta

Ecommerce Joomla Template
JD Atlanta


  • An absolutely free simple, fast and content focused template for Multipurpose websites, perfectly suits on blog, portfolios, start-up, agencies and multipurpose business websites.
  • Eye-Catchy and attractive layout to let the visitors to stay on your website.
  • Cross reconcilable with all the major browsers, RTL & multilingual support.

JD Chicago

E-commerce Joomla Template
JD Chicago
  • A responsive, well organized, straight-forward and smooth Joomla 3.8.x template.
  • Mega menu. Off-canvas menu, integrated with Virtuemart, Kunena, jEvent, HikaShop.
  • Rich Typography, pricing table, Single sidebar, flexible layout system. Customization friendly.

So, here is the list of some versatile Joomla E-commerce template that perfectly suits on everyone’s need. It doesn’t matter if you are planning to setup small and large business website, these template surely fulfill all your requirements.  You can consider free version for the startup as i mentioned free themes also. Just check it out, you’ll love it for sure.

Custom WordPress Development Is Widely Used For Content Management System and Blogging Tool

Custom WordPress Development
Custom WordPress Development

This instrument can be used for developing interactive and user-friendly websites. Hence numerous bloggers across the globe use this tool to come up with their sites. Actually, nowadays WordPress is one of the most famous blogging sites used online. So if you’re excited about creating a new website or perhaps revamp the present one, then WordPress will serve your purpose. The Custom WordPress Development provides you with amazing technical support. The websites that are constructed following this tool can also be known to fetch good ranks in search engine optimization.

Custom WordPress Development can be considered among the easiest processes to customize a website. A plethora of opportunities should be found through numerous developers that are experts in customizing themes and templates on WordPress. In reality, the WordPress Theme Development will allow you to create your own topics also. This is one reason why the tool has to acquire such recognition as it allows the users to build a website of their taste. While designing a theme with the help of WordPress Theme Development you can consist of fonts, plugins, logos and graphics of your choice. You can also take help from the many online guides or the forums to know more regarding the uploading procedure.

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In addition to these, there are some WordPress programmers and locating one for your website isn’t a issue at all. Thus, you will have the ability to find assistance at affordable prices. There are other many motives too because of which the business owners choose Custom WordPress Development. Besides being affordable, this tool is simple to access. Anyone handling Facebook or familiar with the net can certainly operate it. Changes could be made as per your desire and multiple user access is also permitted. Thus, it helps the users to access it from any place on earth.

The WordPress may be conveniently utilized to produce quite a few traffic on your own website. Additionally, Custom WordPress Development is quite a secure tool to use as compared to other programs such as Joomla and Drupal development.

With the load balancing facility, you may even plan an action when there is huge traffic on your website. Other advantages of Custom WordPress Development also incorporate the broad availability of colors and graphics for developing your own projects. The WordPress content management system is thought to be one of the most outstanding tools in the world. Therefore, it is simple to publish and manage the content of your websites.

Joomla Development – Learn How to Design Any Types of Joomla Websites

The Joomla software is one of the most flexible kinds of Content Management Systems, particularly when it comes to adapting and customizing it to design and create different types of specialization Joomla websites.

Joomla Development
Joomla Development

While the following is by no means an extensive list, it gives you a basic idea of what you can attain when you learn Joomla. Note: You do not need to be an expert to build these types of websites. More on that in the following paragraphs.:)

Below are a few of the types of sites that you could design and develop with Joomla…

1. Joomla Membership Site:

A Joomla membership site is quite easy to design using Joomla. There are different types of extensions (add-ons) that it is possible to put in on the Joomla website and configure them to work effortlessly. There are components (important “stand-alone scripts”), modules, and in addition to plugins that can allow you to create such a site.

A Few of the things that you can accomplish with a Joomla membership website are:

Establishing different membership levels, subscription prices for each level and fitting content accessibility.

2. Joomla E-commerce Website:

If you’re into selling goods online (if they are digital or shippable items), then you can also simply and easily assemble a fully-functional eCommerce site using nothing but the Joomla CMS. There are many Joomla extensions which are available to help you setup and manage:

  • Shopping cart systems
  • Merchandise downloads or delivery
  • Automated purchase affirmation
  • Invoicing
  • And a lot more…

You may also easily incorporate your Joomla merchandise ordering system with your website and add a membership program to it if you want. :-RRB- ). Additionally, there are many Joomla eCommerce templates which you can download and install on your site to give it a much more professional look. Some of those Joomla shopping cart and relevant extensions even include their own group of templates, whether paid or for free.

3. Joomla Business Directory:

One of the projects that I’ve been able to accomplish personally with this CMS is that of being able to effectively design, build and launch a Joomla Business Directory utilizing only the elements, modules and plugins which are readily available to the Joomla community. It could have appeared a mega Joomla development project, but it was just enough to do and worth it. Using these extensions, you can make directory sites that have such attributes as:

  • Featured listings
  • Google Maps for each record
  • Listing fees, if you would like to.
  • Business directory groups that can be several levels deep.
  • Meta tags, along with other search engine optimization (SEO) systems.
    And more…

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Free & Premium Joomla Templates: A Great Comparison

4. Joomla Video Portal:

Your Joomla website development skills can also allow you to create a movie submission and sharing website using Joomla. Some of the features that your users can appreciate may include:

  • Creating personal or company accounts in your video portal
  • Uploading videos
  • automated creation of embed links. (You know those tiny nifty pieces of code which you just copy and paste onto a page and then your movie appears? Yes, you can do this just like YouTube and other video sharing sites )
  • Sharing or advocating the videos to their friends, classmates, and colleagues
    And so much more…

And, yes, there are a whole lot of Joomla video elements, modules, and plugins to help you create this as simply and as quickly as possible.

5. Your Own Type of Website:

Whatever kind of Joomla website that you would like to develop and design, there’s a high likelihood that there are already others doing it with Joomla. And the right extensions would be available to assist you to reach it in record time if you want to do it.

The extent to which you are able to tweak, modify and personalize Joomla to make the type of website you so badly want is only limited by your own creative creativity, inspiration, and commitment to improving your Joomla development skills.

Things You Should Know Before Using Joomla To Establish Your eCommerce Website

An eCommerce website is a location where one can find and discover what they want to buy online. To conduct an online business, you need a platform which allows you to market your products on the World Wide Web and for this; you have to consult a leading eCommerce Website Designing Company. Among the major choices, you have to consider before building a website is your choice of an ideal CMS or Content Management System.

annualcheese fest

It offers you many free templates and themes to use and provide you better functionality. There are many things that you ought to know before using Joomla to create your site, so, take a look below to learn more about this award-winning CMS.

Know Your Business:

Research your industry for a bit is the foremost step you need to take before beginning with Joomla. This can help you to choose an ideal theme or template for your eCommerce website, you can easily choose any ecommerce Joomla Templates which helps set your actions in an ideal direction.

Think Of Design:

After Identifying your business, it is time to consider the design you want to give to your site. Joomla provides your several themes, plugins, and templates absolutely free of charge, which you can use in your design. You just need to decide on the one, which suits your need and capable enough to catch the attention of its customers.

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Build Your Site in the Easiest of Manner With Joomla

List Of Features You Need:

After finalizing the layout, now you need to consider the features you want to add on your eCommerce website that give a better user experience to its visitor. For this, you first must know your audience and their preference and taste, so, which you can deliver them the exact platform what they’re looking for shop online.

Select The Right Developer:

Last but not the least point you ought to know before getting started with Joomla is the selection of a right developer. To give a professional touch to your site and to improve its performance, you have to take the help of a developer, with a vast understanding of using this award-winning CMS, therefore, he can deal with technical or noninvasive issues and provide you the best site for your online business.

Therefore, what are you waiting for? Consult with your nearest Joomla Website Development Company and give your website a professional touch to accomplish the success in your online business.

Free & Premium Joomla Templates: A Great Comparison

A Great Comparison

Choosing a Latest Joomla template is almost always a worthwhile job, particularly when there are many free and premium templates offered for downloading. Due to the prosperity of ready-made designs, sometimes it’s difficult to decide which choice will satisfy your requirements perfectly — a complimentary or a superior theme.

To help you realize the difference and select the best solution to your next online project, we have decided to compose this post where superior and free Joomla topics will be contrasted.

We will define the key benefits and drawbacks of each option and provide several trendy examples of free & premium Joomla themes.

Premium Joomla Templates

There’s an ongoing debate about which type of template one should select for one’s future website. Though some favor free Joomla templates for the zero price, many others are ready to pay for premium designs offering a wider choice of attributes and tasty bonuses.

We will discuss free Joomla topics a bit later in this post. First, let’s highlight the key pros and cons of premium designs.

Pros of Premium Joomla Templates

Advanced Features

Compared to freemium alternatives, premium Joomla themes come packed with innovative functionality that makes it much easier to handle the selected theme on your own without spending too much time and effort.

The competition is very tough in today’s market, so, in order to be in demand among web users, developers try hard to load their templates with innovative functionality which will make them stick out from competing themes.


Joomla is a continuously updating technology, so the theme and plugins incorporated into your website should meet the most recent web standards. When you decide to build your site with a premium theme, ensure that your theme provider will send you updates when they are readily available. It is the responsibility of programmers to provide compatible and updated versions of their products to you on time.


Along with releasing upgrades, programmers of superior Plantillas Premium Joomla provide free service to make it easier for a client to set up and manage the product he or she acquired.

Save your time

By buying a template, then you do not have to spend time creating a design that will make your business stand out; nor will you have to sweat over programming. A team of designers and developers will find the work done for you.

By downloading a site template you get a ready-made solution for constructing or upgrading your online source. Just set up, customize, add your content, and apply any other adjustment you might need to create a exceptional site which is yours.

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Where You Should Download Joomla Template at No Cost

Responsive Design

Considering the latest Google mobile-friendly upgrade, there’s an increasing tendency to turn your website adaptive to any display size and resolution. To be able to alleviate you from the necessity of producing a separate mobile version of your site or battle with programming, then a reactive frame for your website on your own, responsive Joomla themes is published. A number are available for download.

Cons of Premium Joomla Templates

With all these benefits it appears premium Joomla topics should have no drawbacks. But, that’s not exactly accurate.


While premium Joomla templates boast abundant performance, not every startup or beginning web developer can afford them. A high cost is one of the key reasons why net users need to shift to freebies.

Free Joomla Templates

Here comes the part where we will discuss the key pros & cons of free Joomla topics. Once more, it is your responsibility to decide which option to choose. We’ll highlight only the main points which make free Joomla templates worthy of your attention, or vice versa.

Advantages of Free Joomla Templates


The characteristic that we mentioned as a drawback of premium layouts is actually a benefit of freebies. Free topics won’t cost you a penny.

Settings and configurations

Different theme providers publish freemium Joomla topics that vary in the number of configurations and settings. It’s possible to locate a layout which you can download free of price and get functionality similar to one of those top themes. As the proverb says, “all good things come to those who wait”, so keep searching and you will find a freebie that meets your needs.

Access to forums

It’s more the exception than the rule, however a few template programmers provide access to community forums that will help you with the setup and modification of their chosen theme.

Disadvantages of Free Joomla Templates

No support

Unlike superior templates, freemium templates don’t come with any warranty or support. All you will get is a pack with comprehensive documentation on setup and alteration of your Joomla theme.

Common layout

Most free motifs have a rather common design. So, if you are trying to find a solution that can allow you to produce a unique website or a blog, then a free theme isn’t what you need if you wish to leave the competition behind.

Limited performance

Last, there are a few theme providers who release freebies with prolonged operation. If you would like more features, you will have to pay additional cash in order to add more functional elements to your job.

Build Your Site in the Easiest of Manner With Joomla

Web presence has turned into an absolute essential for every contemporary business. However, creating a site and keeping that occasionally become quite bothersome and time-consuming.

The conventional methods of creating a site (through using HTML, PHP, Flash) become rather money and effort consuming also. But, now if you are going to establish your site then you need not confront the typical hassles that come with the traditional methods of site building. The most recent addition to .com technology called Joomla has included a new dimension in the world of internet technology.

Within a very brief period of its launching, Joomla has become extensively popular worldwide, the simplicity of configuring and using Joomla and Joomla made websites is the principal reason for it. Well, now we’re going to discuss the steps associated with Joomla setup, which can help you understand the simplicity of using this Content Management Software.

First of all, install Joomla

You cannot use this CMS until and if you don’t put in it. You are able to do this in different ways, one of which the simplest are by using ‘Fantastic’ on the Control panel of your hosting panel.

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Why You Should Get a Professional Joomla Template

Why You Should Get a Professional Joomla Template

This is the quite easier thing to do, which will take only 2 – 3 minutes. You just need to upload the installation bundle of Joomla onto your site and after that, you need to follow the preset directions to set up Joomla.

Configure Joomla

After installing Joomla successfully you’ll be able to login to Admin area of Joomla. The course of Joomla administrator will be (here, XYZ is your site’s name). After successful log in select the ‘Site’ tab and then click on the ‘Global configuration’ link. After reaching there only follow the instructions given over there and according to those configure Joomla.

Create your Joomla content

After you accomplish all of the above-mentioned steps successfully you must make the content of your site. You need to categorize all of the contents in an ideal way in the Joomla.

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